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Feel like going out? Then why not come along and join in the party with MixingOut, where every event is an opportunity to find friends, have lots of fun and enjoy seriously good company and a lively social scene any time you like.

Group of young adults having a good time eating out at a restauraunt

The best way to meet new people

Let's get one thing straight. MixingOut is the easiest, most exciting and best way yet to meet new people in your city. So now you can get in touch with some seriously friendly, outgoing folk who know exactly how to have a good time.

It makes no difference whether you're new in town and looking to find friends, or if you just feel like getting together with a really great bunch of people, MixingOut lets you in on a wide range of events, massive nights out, and really cool activities to do together in your city.

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Start doing more of what you enjoy

Sometimes life gets so busy that you can't always rely on your friends being around when you feel like doing what you enjoy most. And all too often we end up staying in and missing out, when all we want is go out and have a really good time.

With MixingOut anyone who's looking for a great time can enjoy a fantastic night out, thrilling event, or buzzing social scene anytime, anyplace. It's all about having fun and doing all the things you've always wanted, with a lively group of outgoing people to share it with. And best of all, MixingOut is really easy to use, with minimal planning and maximum fun.

Group of young adults having a good time at a party

Upgrade your social life with MixingOut

So don't stop in tonight, find friends with the same interests at MixingOut and start discovering more cool stuff to do. It's the best way to get out there and meet new people along the way to a broader, more exciting social life.

Come on in, everybody's waiting!

"...choose which events you would like to attend and are met with people who welcome you..." Phillipa D, Assessor/Facilitator