We're here to have fun going out

Thanks for finding MixingOut; the most exciting way to have fun going out, stir up your social life and do more of the things you enjoy with lots of fun and friendly people near you.

Whether you fancy a wild night out on the town, or a friendly get together exploring the local bars and hot spots, MixingOut is the best way to get together, hang out and a have a really great time.

A little bit about us

MixingOut was started with one single purpose in mind. We wanted to build a friendly community, full of interesting and vibrant people, for every city and location across the country so members could meet up, get together and do more of the things they love to do together.

That's because we know when life gets busy, you can't always rely on your friends being around when you want to do the things you like. And all too often we end up missing out when all we want is to have fun going out. So we decided to create something truly special that brings all kinds of fun and friendly people together, so you can arrange to meet up and do more of the things you enjoy.

Group of young adults having fun at a party

Have fun going out all over again

MixingOut is a really clever way of meeting people in your area, getting together in huge groups and making friends. It doesn't matter what you're into, what you're not, or where you're from - we put you in touch with fun, outgoing people just like you, and give you a heads up on the hottest spots, latest pop ups and friendliest places to visit in your city.

So join MixingOut and we'll help make your social life as hectic, impulsive and surprising as you want it to be.

"A great bunch of really friendly people who have all been a newbie once..." Katrina, Data Analyst