Meet up, have fun & make friends

Remember the days when you were able to go out when you felt like, meet people and have a really great time so easily? Well that's exactly what MixingOut is all about!

Perhaps you fancy going out when your other friends are busy, or you find yourself in a whole new city and want to discover the best places to meet people but don't know where to start. Maybe you just want to go out, meet up with lots of fun and friendly people and see where the night takes you...

Whatever you feel like doing, MixingOut gives you a heads up on what's going on near you, let's you know which guys and girls are going, and puts you in touch with fun and friendly people who just want to have a great time.

Two young attractive women having fun whilst outside having a drink

Your social network, extended

Sure you can catch up with your mates online, chat about what you got up to over the weekend, and what you didn't. Or you can join MixingOut, arrange to meet up, do more of the things you like to do together and make friends with loads more fun and exciting people while you're at it.

Just search for the sorts of evenings and events you enjoy, sign-up, then meet up. It's simple, spontaneous and fun.

Group of young adults chatting over drinks in a beer garden on a sunny day

Best of all, our community is always buzzing with lots of friendly, outgoing people who cross every age group, come from all different backgrounds and hold various interests - so you're bound to find plenty of people to get along with.

So join MixingOut and find out what's going on your city right now. We know lots of fun and friendly people in your city, who know just how to enjoy themselves, and they're waiting for you.

"...choose which events you would like to attend and are met with people who welcome you..." Phillipa D, Assessor/Facilitator