Want to meet new friends? You're in!

So long as you're fun, outgoing and looking to meet new friends then you sound like our kind of people!

We like to bring all kinds of friendly folk who know how enjoy themselves together. It really doesn't matter if you're new in town, stuck in a bit of a rut, or if you're simply looking to broaden your social life and find a friend along the way. Going out is way more fun with more people, which is why anyone can join MixingOut.

Group of young women chatting over a meal at a trendy restaurant

… so long as you play nice

Let's get one thing straight; we're not here to lay down rules about who can and who can't join, but seeing as though we don't 'vet' our members we think it's a lot more useful if everyone agrees to play nice and use MixingOut in the way it was intended. After all, we want our community to be the happiest, liveliest, friendliest place where people can arrange to meet up and have fun going out!

All we ask of our members is that you are reliable , that you are friendly to others and that you are proactive

This means that when you book yourself onto an event, you make sure that you always show up as promised. Reliability is so important, because that's what makes our events work so well. So long as everybody meets up like they agreed, they're sure to have a really great time together.

Group of young women chatting over a drink at a trendy bar

We want all our members to enjoy themselves as they get to know one another, so we ask all our members be friendly, considerate and play nice with one another. Besides, nobody likes to hang around with annoying people, and we will take you off our system if too many people flag you as one to be avoided.

Finally, you've got to take part if you want to be a part. It's that simple. So you'll need to stay active on the site, get involved, and join in the experiences. Just bear in mind, we remove inactive members from certain features to keep things relevant for everyone else.

So there you have it. We told you it would be simple. So why not join MixingOut now. If you are friendly, outgoing and up for some good company, we know loads of fun people in your area who are dying for you to get in touch.

Why join?

We're growing and are already in the following areas (more on the way):

"...choose which events you would like to attend and are met with people who welcome you..." Phillipa D, Assessor/Facilitator