For people who like to make new friends

So who's using MixingOut right now?

First thing you'll be happy to know is our community is full of friendly, outgoing folk who really love to meet new people and enjoy themselves while they're at it. In other words, people just like you.

Some of our members are new in town and looking to hang out, explore their new city and make new friends. While others are simply here to try something a little bit different and give their social lives that much-needed shot in the arm.

It doesn't matter why you want to join MixingOut. So long as you enjoy meeting new people and like to make new friends, you're sure to fit right in.

Group of young adults all pulling the funniest faces they can

People who know how to have a really great time

Everybody at MixingOut is really friendly. But above all, we all know how to enjoy ourselves, whatever we're doing.

That's why our community is always getting bigger, with more and more members joining across the country every minute. From doctors to dancers and everything in between, we bring all kinds of guys and girls together, all genuinely fun and interesting people who know precisely how to let loose and have a really great time.

This is exactly what makes joining MixingOut so amazing. It's a brilliant way of getting in touch with the kinds of friends you enjoy hanging out with, alongside plenty of new and exciting kinds of people you're bound to get along with too.

Group of young women laughing whilst out for coffee

Do what you like, whenever you like, with the friends you like

It doesn't matter what you feel like doing, or when you want to do it. Because our members cross every age group, and have a wide range of interests, you can be sure there will always be a bubbly bunch to meet up and paint the town red with, catch up over a friendly bite to eat, or discover something completely different.

"...choose which events you would like to attend and are met with people who welcome you..." Phillipa D, Assessor/Facilitator