Looking to Make Friends in Wakefield?

If you're looking to make friends in Wakefield then there are plenty of great places to meet up. Whether you're looking for a quiet, relaxed opportunity to hang out, or a thrilling new experience, Wakefield has plenty to offer for everyone.

Testimonials from People in Wakefield

"Since joining MixingOut, I've really started enjoying my social life a lot more. Most of my friends are usually tied up at home, with work or family, and even though I've been living in the same city all my life, it started to feel as if I was all by myself, with no chance of doing the things I wanted to do anymore.

Now I'm meeting all kinds of friendly people, who enjoy going out regularly and having a laugh. It's just like it used to be with my other friends, only now I have a whole new group of people to hang out with anytime we like.

Definitely looking forward to signing up to more events, trying something a little more out of my comfort zone, and getting together with even more interesting people!" - Alex

Group of young adults lying down on the grass laughing together

Popular Venues in Wakefield

F1 Indoor Karting at Millennia Park is the ideal venue for petrol heads, thrill seekers, and absolutely anyone who fancies trying something different for the first time with a new group of friends. Nothing breaks the ice quicker than an all-new-shared experience. Making friends in Wakefield is easier when you're racing them to the finish, cheering from the sidelines or making them eat your dust!

The Millennia Park based venue has no limitations regarding numbers, and can organise a variety of racing competitions for your event throughout the day, with a raised spectator area so that everyone involved can get in on the fun.

Address: Millennia Park, Thornes Road, Wakefield, WF2 8PW
Tel: 01924 201 808

Harry's Bar is a fantastic local, whatever you're idea of a great time might be. Set in warm, friendly surroundings, with a wide selection of drinks and ales, it's the perfect place to meet up, hang out and maybe grab a bite to eat - whether out on the terrace, or sat before a cosy open fireplace.

Fancy meeting up in the evenings? Even better! This is when things really start to liven up, with a varied crowd of guys and girls, great music and a fabulous atmosphere.

Regular Events - Monday and Wednesday nights at Harry's Bar, they have a varied mix of music acts, from live acoustic sets to full on house-pumping dance.

Address: 107b Westgate, Wakefield, WF1 1EL
Tel: 01924 373773
"A great bunch of really friendly people who have all been a newbie once..." Katrina, Data Analyst