Looking to Meet People in Derby?

Meet people in Derby to go out and have fun with. MixingOut is home to more than a thousand members near you, all ready to meet up and have a good time. It doesn't matter if you're new to the city or just fancy trying something different with a new crowd.

Your city, your rules

MixingOut already lets you in on the latest goings on in Derby, from quiet little get-togethers to massive events, organised by our hosts and members. But that shouldn't stop you from having your say on what you'd like to do.

Create your own events in Derby - Do more of the things you enjoy and meet people in Derby with the same interests as you. Anybody can put on their own events with MixingOut, it's simple. You choose the date, you choose the venue. Then post it on our events board for everybody in your local area to see.

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Meet people in Derby who just want to have fun

We want all our members to get something special out of MixingOut, whether that's a chance to meet people in Derby and make friends or just go out and try something new and exciting. That's why we work hard to ensure our community is thriving with friendly, sociable types who know how to enjoy themselves. People who want to have fun. Just like you!

Exceptional show up rate - Our reliability system ensures more people who sign up to an event turn up as promised. Whether it's a cosy little get-together, a big night on the town or something a little bit different, we like to make sure it's fun for everyone.

Female friendly is our thing - We've got lots of female members who are looking to meet people in Derby. So we like to make sure they feel safe and looked-after on our network. Closed messaging prevents all our members from receiving any unsolicited messages or un-wanted friend-requests from anybody generally being a nuisance.

We don't tolerate scammers - Our administrators continuously monitor for any scammers and offensive activity. Suspicious profiles are flagged by security and removed from the network altogether in order to protect our members.

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Testimonials from People in Derby

"I've always lived in Derby, grew up with the same friends from school and later at work. But most of them have either gone into busy careers or settled down. It got very difficult going out whenever I felt like it and my social life soon became non-existent.

I joined MixingOut after getting sick and tired of spending Saturday nights at home while my friends were busy with their new families. My first event was pretty nerve wracking, I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I got there everybody was very friendly and welcoming. We had a few drinks and I got chatting to a group of interesting girls and decided to meet up again a few weeks later.

Now we meet up regularly, sometimes at MixingOut events, other times just off the cuff. I'm really pleased I joined and now my social life feels better than ever."

- Lilly Bishop

Popular Venues in Derby

The Quad has quickly established itself as a world class centre, connecting people through a shared love of film, art and entertainment. Situated in Derby's lively Cathedral Quarter, The Quad is ideally surrounded by some very friendly bars and cafés. Or if you'd prefer, why not visit The Quad's very own café and licensed bar, where you can relax with a drink between films, or choose from a range of delicious home cooked dishes while you share your favourite movies moments.

Regular Events - As well as showcasing a wide variety of World, Independent and Hollywood films, The Quad Cinema also plays host to a variety of interesting guest speakers from within the film industry.

Address: Market Place, Cathedral Square, Derby, DE1 3AS
Tel: 01332 290606

Field Sport UK is the perfect place for making friends in Derby and getting to know one another for the first time. With a wide range of outdoor have-a-go experiences, including clay shooting, archery and more, what starts as a fun-filled day out will soon escalate into friendly completion as you pit your skills against one another.

Address: Upwoods Road, Derbyshire, DE12 6LU
Tel: 01283 763350
"A great bunch of really friendly people who have all been a newbie once..." Katrina, Data Analyst